Monday, December 11, 2017

Mi'kmaq artist's work on display in New York City

n exhibition at the Smithsonian and the National Museum of the American Indian

A Newfoundland artist has landed on the world stage, thanks to some photographs in the archives of the Smithsonian Institute in New York City.
​ ​
Jordan Bennett is Mi'kmaq, originally from Stephenville Crossing on Newfoundland's west coast, and is multi-disciplinary visual artist.
​ ​
Bennett was asked to be part of an exhibition at the Smithsonian and the National Museum of the American Indian, and for part of his research delved into the archives.


Friday, December 8, 2017

Mi'kmaq Study Sets and Flashcards

​Vocab, facts and more​'kmaq/

​se this web app to learn basic vocabulary and some important facts about the Mi'kmaq people.


"Planting the Seed"

 First Nation Orientation Guide

The Planting the Seed project include
the First Nation Orientation Guide that provides information
​ ​
about the Mi'kmaq/Maliseet communities throughout the Atlantic Region. The Mi'kmaq Maliseet
​ ​
Human Resource Guide make
known the many cultural talents of First Nations and, the Cultural
​ ​
Education Pamphlet will be used as tools for creating awareness
​ ​
about First Nation Spirituality.

Teachings from the Medicine Wheel

n exploration of culture through stories and language.

The Mi
and Maliseet are the aboriginal peoples of the Maritime region of Canada. This website is an exploration of their culture through their stories and their language.
​ ​
​On this site, you will find
 links to five stories read in English, 
 and Maliseet, along with transcriptions in all three tongues. We have also provided excerpts from a conversation with Imelda Perly about native culture, language and spirituality.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The journey of the Mi'kmaq Honour Song

sweat lodge to the classroom

​From the article: ​

Thanks to
​George ​
Paul, who worked to revive traditional songs and gatherings in the Maritimes,
​the Mi'kmaq honour
 song has become the national anthem of the
, and is now being used to teach elementary school students about Mi'kmaq culture and traditions.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Mi'kmaq seat at the table

How a First Nation came to claim Aboriginal title over a third of New Brunswick

​A fascinating story of Indigenous people staking a claim on their own traditional territory.​

Last November, Elsipogtog filed for Aboriginal title over nearly one-third of New Brunswick — both Crown and private lands — on behalf of all Mi'kmaq in the province.
​ ​
Aboriginal title would be the legal recognition that Indigenous peoples in the area have a right to decide what will happen with the land and a right to benefit from it.
​ ​
More practically, it would mean a forced seat at the table for the Mi'kmaq when decisions are made about resource development. In the case of the SWN testing, the project would have needed the consent of the Mi'kmaq before going ahead.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

L'nuisi via Wikiversity

Learn some basics about the ​Mi'kmaq language ​via wikiversity
Discover the basics of Mi'kmaq language, understand the different dialects and orthographies used in Mi'kmaq, and ​learn some basic vocabulary in Mi'kmaq. 

Here's a breakdown of the chapters:
Chap. 1 :        Introduction
Chap. 2 :        Dialects
Chap. 3 :        Orthographies and writing systems
Chap. 4 :        Phonology
Chap. 5 :        Grammar
Chap. 6 :        Counting
Chap. 7 :        Basic vocabulary
Chap. 8 :        Greetings


Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Membertou linguist reads In Flanders Fields in Mi'kmaq

Honouring Aboriginal Veterans.

"Bernie Francis stands in the shadow of the cenotaph, the Mi'kmaq poem flowing from his lips. Each time, the linguist says, he gets a little closer to the souls buried in the words. The words that schoolchildren mouth at assemblies each November. The lines written by bereaved Canadian physician and soldier John McCrae after burying his student and friend."


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Publisher releases bilingual book about PEI's creation

he Mi'kmaq creation story of P.E.I.

Charlottetown-based Acorn Press has just published its first bilingual book in English and Mi'kmaq. ​ "​Minegoo​"​ tells the Mi'kmaq creation story of P.E.I. in text and watercolours.​ ​Author and illustrator Sandra Dodge told CBC Radio's Mainstreet P.E.I. that she first had the idea during the opening of the Confederation Bridge in 1997.​ ​"I started reading every version of the creation story that I could get a hold of and doing some research and that's where it started," she said.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mi’kmaq History Month poster 2017

visual guide illustrating
​ ​
Innovations and Legacies 

Gerald Gloade, the artist who created this year's Mi'kmaq History Month poster, explains that, "Mi'kmaw knowledge grew over many generations resulting in a sophisticated relationship with the homeland – the seasons, cycles, animals and plants of Mi'kma'ki are at the core of our culture and language".

Gloade captured this essence of Innovations and Legacies through a visual guide illustrating many examples of unique Mi'kmaw technology, providing a lasting contribution to today's Canadian culture.