Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On the water at Crescent Beach

It's not a birch bark canoe...

Trying to stay in touch with your roots is hard when you're so far away from the soil they are rooted in. While it's not a birch bark canoe, Lynne and I spent some time kayaking on the water today, paddling and enjoying the spray of the salty water and the seagulls flying by.

a'sugwesugwijig - "meet on the water"


Monday, July 22, 2013

Legends of the Mi'kmaq

Recitations of four Mi'kmaw stories

"The rich oral tradition of the Mi'kmaq is highlighted in four fascinating stories - stories of power and magic that provide insight into the culture of this First Nation from Canada's east coast. CBC Radio's Legends Project compiles traditional oral stories, legends and histories of Canada's Inuit and First Nations, gathered in communities across the country."

You can listen to these stories from the website via streaming, or download as a podcast to listen "on the go." (Just search "Ideas" podcast in iTunes and browse for the Mi'kmaw legends or download here.)


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pow-wow at the Surrey Fusion Festival

First Nations come together to celebrate

I had the pleasure of visiting the Klahoweya Pow-Wow space that was set up at the Surrey Fusion Festival in Holland Park this past weekend. Even though I can't get back to "K'taqmkuk" for a Mi'kmaw pow-wow, I can join in with FN folks on the far West coast!

Lots of dancing and drumming and displays of arts and crafts for visitors to admire and purchase.