Friday, March 14, 2014

A primer of Aboriginal Peoples for Newcomers

A guide for New Canadians

"First Peoples: A Guide for Newcomers aims to fill the need for clear information in simple language about the First Peoples in Vancouver. It introduces  newcomers to three important topics: who are Aboriginal people (or First Peoples) in Vancouver and Canada; a brief overview of the relationship between the Government of Canada and First Peoples; and current initiatives and ways for newcomers to learn more about Aboriginal people in the community."


Daniel Paul - Mi'kmaw speaker

A bit of a history lesson...
Hear Daniel Paul talk about the experience of Mi'kmaq over the years.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quirks and Quarks - Clovis Child is Native American

The ancestor of all modern North and South American First Peoples
"After genetically sequencing the DNA from the remains of an infant Clovis boy discovered in Montana forty years ago, Dr Sarah Anzick worked with ancient DNA specialists in Denmark to discover that this Clovis child was related to all modern North and South American native peoples."

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Wikipedia - in the Mi'kmaw language

"Na tmg"
Wikipedia has many different language versions - and now there's a project to create a Mi'kmaw version. Native speakers are encouraged to add articles in our language!