Monday, October 26, 2015

Jen Adomeit - A Canadian Artist creates aboriginal inspired art

An 'interpretive representation' of the Northwest Coast style
Jen writes:
"My heritage includes Swiss, German, French Canadian, and Ukrainian – I am Canadian. Although I have no Aboriginal ancestry, I have always been fascinated by the striking artistic style of the Northwest Coast First Nations. ... In 2006, I created a painting called 'Our Home and Native Land' [...] which is an 'interpretive representation' of the Northwest Coast style. [...] I recently completed 'The Spirit of BC' with hopes of creating more Canadian inspired pieces in the future."


Mi'kmaq resistance kept British holed up in their forts, historian finds

Cornwallis was ineffective in suppressing Mi'kmaq
"In the early clashes between the British and Mi'kmaq, the British usually came out on the losing end, new research suggests.  The Mi'kmaq were so successful at defending against the settlers, British soldiers were often too scared to leave their forts, according to historical documents."


Canada Heirloom Series: "Micmac" Aboriginal Life

Government, conservation, science and education pre-contact.

This is a webarchive link to a the "Canada Heirloom Series" materials. Chapter 1 of this particular volume introduces pre-contact Mi'kmaq practices and customs.

 "...the Micmacs had their own territory, a civilization with a distinct system of government, education and economy."