Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mi'kmaq Language Instruction in NS

I was interested to see how well developed the Nova Scotian Department of Education policies are vis-à-vis the teaching of the Mi'kmaq language. In the "purpose" section of the document, the authors state that :
 "The Mi’kmaw/Miigmao community recognizes the need to reclaim and strengthen its language—-in homes, communities, and in schools. It is only through the pervasive use of the language that it will continue to live. The document provides the vision and structure for all subsequent Mi’kmaw/Miigmao language curriculum development."

Since the document dates from 2003,  I wonder how well Mi'kmaq instruction is faring in Nova Scotia today?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mi'kmaq Creation Stories

Today, I happened across Debbie's blog (she is Mi'kmaw and lives in Boston) One of her posts has a link to an interesting site (Four Directions Teachings) that recounts creation stories from a variety of First Nations, including the Mi'kmaq. I enjoyed listening to the creation stories; they have such symbolic weight! (The animations are well done, and the stories are simply but reverently told.)