Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Grenfell college builds database to recognize Mi'Kmaq soldiers from Newfoundland

More than 150 Newfoundland Mi'kmaq soldiers
Memorial University's Grenfell Campus in Newfoundland is home to an online database listing Mi'kmaq from the province who enlisted in World War I. ...

When asked whether she was surprised by the results of her research, Hanrahan answered, "I knew that First Nations people elsewhere in Canada enlisted in large numbers and I expected that to be the case here. But I was surprised at how high the numbers are: there were more than 150 Newfoundland Mi'kmaq soldiers"...."It is important to note that the Newfoundland Mi'kmaq were not recognized as Indigenous people by the then-Dominion of Newfoundland. Unlike Canada, Newfoundland had no recognition legislation like the Indian Act. The absence of such legislation had advantages as well as disadvantages but in this case it meant that the soldiers listed here were not seen as Mi'kmaq or Indigenous soldiers, which they were. This database aims to correct that oversight."