Monday, June 3, 2013

Much ado about being Mi’kmaq |

The federal government has pulled a U-turn

Great article!

"It's ... a new sort of model for aboriginal/First Nations recognition. No longer based on percentages of "blood" (a positive step, say some), now applicants merely have to prove – more flexibly – that they are of "Canadian Indian ancestry".

"From many perspectives this is a sensible approach: there was a curious colonial irony in the notion that Canadian courts ought to have the ability to decide indigenous identity. A sensible approach too given the racism and discrimination which led generations of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to hide their Aboriginal family connections. [...]  First came the recognition…and then came the catch. The federal government expected around 10,000 people to apply. Thus far, around 10 times that number – about 100,000 – have applied.

"Oops.     Too successful

"Yet, instead of celebrating this as the positive moment it could be, the federal government has pulled a U-turn which threatens to disrupt any positive progress it has made, and questions the integrity of its dedication to open and fair dealing.