Thursday, December 5, 2013

Journeying back: a research project

Understanding, reclamation and recovery
Dr. Maura Hanrahan writes a very personal account of reclaming heritage and family history in this paper written at Memorial University. Below is a short excerpt. (Click the link above for the entire article.) Wela'lin for this great testimonial!
"Like that of other people of Newfoundland Mi'kmaq descent, my Indigenous  ancestry was stigmatized and largely hidden by my family through my childhood.   Through my research with Indigenous elders, beginning with the Inuit-Metis of  Southern Labrador, I began to realize that stigmatization and the use of denial as a  coping strategy was a common experience in Indigenous Canada.  Here, I go  beyond locating myself in the text to begin what Robert Nash calls a scholarly  personal narrative (2004) rooted in my experience as a person of Mi'kmaq descent  in modern day Newfoundland."