Friday, April 10, 2015

Nunavut schools look at standardizing Inuktitut writing system

Writing a culture
Many FN groups grappling with how to keep their language alive in the 21st century. Syllabics is another hurdle for the people of Nunavut!

"Nunavut education minister Paul Quassa announced yesterday in the legislative assembly that the government is looking into using Roman orthography as the standard writing system for Inuktitut in schools across the territory.

"Inuktitut is commonly written across Nunavut in two different systems: syllabics, which uses a system of symbols adopted from Cree script, and Roman orthography, which uses the roman alphabet used to write in English. Both systems enjoy official status in the territory, and are used more frequently depending on geographical location: syllabics in the east, orthography in the west.