Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Putting indigenous identity at heart of Grade 7/8 program

Miyo Pimatsowin: Cree for "the Good Life"
Read how a school and community are using language and cultural heritage to envigourate the educational program for their students.

"...The knowledge students gain in Miyo Pimatsowin is practical and helps them connect to their home and history. Children are excited to go to school again, Chief Wapass said, because they are rediscovering who they are.

"I told them Miyo Pimatsowin is a very special program. You're going to learn respect, to love yourself as a Cree person and language and culture is number one here. We have to love ourselves for us to grow," she said. "They'll carry that knowledge on for the rest of their life." said Doreen Carrier, Grade 7 and 8 teacher.