Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mi'kmaq Legends

Native American Indian Legends - Index

Links to Mi'kmaw stories from the "FirstPeople" site. I'm not sure how "authentic" all of them are. Some do sound familiar but have probably been reworked to sound more "mystical".

                Aplíkmuj, The Lazy Rabbit - See Algonquin
                Fish-Hawk And Scapegrace
                How Kluskap Created Sugarloaf Mountain - See Abenaki
                How Kluskap Found the Summer - See Algonquin
                How Kluskap Made The Birds
                How Master Rabbit Gave Himself Airs
                How Master Rabbit Went Fishing
                How Rabbit Got His Long Ears
                How The Rabbit Lost His Tail - See Ojibwa
                Kluskap Fights The Water Monster - See Passamaquoddy
                Kluskap Turns Bad Into Good - See Abenaki
                Legend Of The Turtle
                Little Burnt-Face
                Micmac Creation Story (version 1)
                Micmac Creation Story (version 2)
                Míkmaq Legend Of The Shooting Star
                Míkmaq Legend Of The Turtle
                Míkmaq Legend Of The Wild Goose
                Míkmaq Women Who Married Star Husbands
                Muin, The Bear's Child
                Nukumi And Fire
                Of Glooskap And The Three Other Seekers
                Of Other Men Who Went To Glooskap For Gifts
                Rabbit And Otter, The Bungling Host
                Rabbit And The Moon Man
                Raccoon Learns A Lesson
                Robbery And Murder Revenged
                Snowshoe Island Legend
                Story Of The Three Strong Men
                The Bird Whose Wings Made The Wind
                The Changing Of Mikjikj
                The Chocolate Waters Of The Petitcodiac River aka The Legend Of The Tidal Bore
                The Creator Visits
                The First Pine Trees
                The Girl-Chenoo
                The Invisible One
                The Legend Of Kluskap's Departure
                The Legend Of The Big Bear
                The Legend Of The Islands
                The Little People
                The Mikumwess
                The Reversing Falls Legend
                The Hidden One
                The Tide
                The Water Fairies
                The Wind-Blower
                The Woodpecker Girls
                Tumilkoontaoo, Or The Broken Wing